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Awww Jelena

Writer's Block: Sweet tooth

I say chocolate and mint Ice cream for Spring and Summer but in Autumn and Winter rice pudding ^-^
I have a sudden feeling to write a story I have no idea why but I just do.....

Aug. 18th, 2011

The summer holidays have gone very fast well they are not over yet but they are kinda boring.I haven't achevied as much as i set out to,i really wanted to do something inspiring or productive or whatever.Well here's a list of what has happened this summer.

1.Sleep to much and get yelled at for sleeping to much

2.Watch T4 on the beach and realize how much i dislike The Wanted (Nathan is alright i guess)

3.Have to many fights with my cousin
4.Get sick of the Lazy Song
5.Find out my love for Running Man
6.Watch one of the best TCAS ever live
7.Go to a fair and ride on a donkey

So i guess that's it but tbh i kinda want to back to school believe it or not i have dreams involving my classmates and i miss them :/

Amazing  awesome  song by the next big thing One Direction!!!!!This song makes me so happy especially the chorus
In other news One Direction and The Wanted  are releasing their albums the same day,talk about being awkward


How touching ^-^

I love the Tcas




Love this song it's been on repeat all day , probably the best 2NE1 song ever!!!!!!!


Love you Like A Love Song